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Clet Abraham special roadsigns

27 March, 2012 at 3:58 pm | 2,488 views

Clet Abraham special roadsigns It takes very little – in this case a sticker – to transform an anonymous object commonly used in a small and fun “work of art”. These are the little men of Clet Abraham, sticker urban artist of Breton origin but artistically transplanted in Italy for years – he currently lives and works in Florence – which consist of simple adhesive silhouettes applied on road-signs.

Small changes that break the monotony of urban space, offering the viewer new, creative and funny meanings.

A critique to the standardization of the society then, but also to religion with its crucifixes, Madonnas, angels and devils, in fact Clet tries to stir the consciences, launching an alarm to the religions that become more and more “packaged” with a consequent loss of values ​​and identity.
Small urban blitz loaded of moral and social meanings but which, at worst, tries to tear a smile at least to the passerby.

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