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Arithmetic, an exhibition and a short film

16 February, 2012 at 10:31 am | 2,049 views

A short movie titled ArithmeticA child is struggling with maths homework. He spill the ink on the book and he falls asleep, when suddenly the stain comes to life and, in the form of a strange demon, drags him into a dream world made ​​of numbers and geometrical figures. This is the beautiful plot of the animated short-movie “Arithmétique“, made ​​by Dalila Rovazzani and Giovanni Munari for the Experimental Centre of Cinematography. The movie, freely inspired by the work of Maurice Ravel  L’enfant et les sortileges (in particular to the air Deux Robinets Coulent), also seems to recover many suggestions from the best-seller by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, The Wizard of numbers.
The film was presented on February 15th, by Orlando and Ofelia, curious creative library at the gallery The House of the Love and Dissent, in the heart of the Monti area in Rome.

In conjunction with the presentation, the gallery has organized an exhibition, open until March 7th, wherein the walls, the corners and the ceilings tell the history of evolution of Arithmétique. In show the preliminary studies, the material of production and original designs. The short movie of Rovazzani and Munari has won several awards including “Best music & film artistic impression” (KAMERaTON, Gorzow, Poland, 2011), “Best Student Film” (Istanbul Animation Festival, Istanbul 2011) and “Best Short “(Movie Piemonte, Turin 2011).

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