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Amos LP Showtime

17 December, 2010 at 9:59 am | 1,527 views

Amos Amir Sufi Siavach ShowtimeThe LP is dead, long live the LP cover! Digital miniature thumbnails on download portals and MP3 players leave no latitude for brilliant cover designs. What a loss! Which is why musician and communications designer Amos is celebrating good old LP artwork with his new album “Showtime”: every cover is individually designed by an artist. Not the record label determines the price but the designers. About the new symbiosis between music and art.
Long gone are the days when you went to the record store on the corner hoping that they might have the long-awaited record on their shelves. These days you get news about up-coming albums faster on the Web. Thanks to download link you don’t even have to leave the house. The artwork also appears to have become superfluous: from a wonderful LP format (31x31cm) it was first reduced to the less attractive CD (12×12) and then to the ridiculous pixel image (75×75 pixels)
The antithesis to this new understanding of music visualization sounds nostalgic: music and artwork belong together like Bonnie and Clyde. The artwork is more than the visualization of music, it tunes style, mood and essence of the music to an image. An impression that is often more enduring than the songs themselves. Anyone who talks of a legendary album more often than actually means the cover.

German-Iranian musician Amos takes the idea of the edition still farther with his new album. The musician, whose real name is Amir Sufi Siavach, is a qualified communications designer, he manage the design office Mayolove with Franz Hartung, and before that spend seven years as one of three managing directors of the Munich agency Designliga. Then he came up with a concept that unites art and music: more than 450 creative professionals from all over the world were invited to design an individual artwork for his new album. In March 2010 each one received by post a white record cover which they could design according to their own ideas. The returned works were then exhibited in a specially created on-line gallery. The idea for the project is based on the text of a song that had been written before. The topics: disunity, anonymity and the seductive power of self-glorification.
Each of the albums is a one-off and is sold exclusively via the on-line gallery and at the concerts in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.

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