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ABCO: show ROMAGNA LIBERTY in Rimini, by Andrea Speziali

28 May, 2012 at 2:44 am | 987 views

The exhibition on architecture in Romagna Liberty arrives in the State of Rimini from 23 May to 10 July 2012 in conjunction with “La Notte Rosa”.
The project is now drawing a Liberty Romagna tour of exhibitions throughout the Romagna for 2012 and 2013 with the monograph:

A. Speziali, Liberty Romagna, Maggioli publisher, Santarcangelo 2012 – www.romagnaliberty.it
With the presentation of  Vittorio Sgarbi and the President of the Emilia-Romagna, Vasco Errani.

The exhibition of this Rimini appointment begins with photographs of early twentieth-century villa located in the seaside resorts of the Romagna, Riccione, Rimini, Cesenatico, Cervia and Milano Marittima, continuing with a section devoted to projects of buildings contained in the ’900 ‘ State Archives of Rimini. Among the documents indicate the designs of architect Mario Flash villa and villa Vucetich Mirko Piva, both located in Riccione. These houses of the photographs in the book are: A. Speziali, A Season of Liberty in Riccione, Maggioli publisher, in 2010, have never been considered until now as the theme of Liberty did not affect the local historians. The exhibition also houses other projects of lesser importance in the Bellaria and Viserba.

The intent is to analyze and document the history of Art Nouveau architecture and its key players for raising public awareness towards the conservation, protection and enhancement of the remaining evidence of this architecture is that in Romagna in the country.
The event, which is part of the celebrations of the 90 100 Milano Marittima and Rimini in Romagna Nouveau architecture comes from the survey. A passion that drove Andrea Apothecaries to expand his research, with the publication of the book” A Season of Liberty in Riccione Maggioli” published by Publisher and the realization of the weekly column dedicated to Liberty in Romagna in the newspaper” The Voice ‘ ‘. The organization of the cultural event Romagna” Liberty” filed July 27, 2011 at the Palace of Tourism in Riccione was attended by Vittorio Sgarbi, and finally the installation of the exhibition of the finalists eponymous photo contest, held from August 18 October 6, 2011 at the Hotel De La Ville in Riccione, where we could admire the photographs of beautiful Art Nouveau residences throughout the region Emilia-Romagna.

The event is signed by ABCOnlus, association created in 2001 to work for the promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage through the organization of exhibitions and events through the web portal www.beniculturalionline.it Italian and English-www.cultural hub.com.

The Scientific Committee of the exhibition boasts the presence of important critics and art historians: Renato Barilli, Maurizio Calvesi, Fabio Benzi, Beatrice Buscaroli, Giorgio Di Genova, Richard Gresta, Paul Portuguese, Vittorio Sgarbi, Vincenzo Vandelli and Lara Vinca Masini .

The photo exhibition Romagna” Liberty” is shaping up so as a journey back in time, able to revive, through pictures and important documents, the golden age that he passed his optimism even in architecture, which witnessed the birth of tourism in coast and it has left unmistakable elegance of buildings in


ABCO Cultural Association presents:

State Archives of Rimini
23 May to 10 July 2012

Piazzetta San Bernardino, 1
Tel: + (39) 0541 7844 74

Open to public:
Monday: 08:00 to 14:00
Tuesday: 08:00 to 14:00 and 14:00 to 17:30
Wednesday: 08:00 to 14:00
Thursday: 08:00 to 14:00 and 14:00 to 17:30
Friday: 08:00 to 14:00
Saturday: 08:30 to 13:30

Free admission

Monograph on display:
Andrea Speziali, Liberty Romagna, Maggioli Publisher, Santarcangelo 2012

Under the High Patronage of HERITY
International Agency for Quality Management of Cultural Heritage (internationally certified).
The HERITY Global Evaluation System (GES) is the system of certification of Quality Management of Cultural Heritage shared internationally. It has granted Patronage for Romagna” Liberty” as the project of Andrea Apothecaries was considered important.

- Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Superintendence for the Architectural and Landscape
- FAI, Italian Environment Fund
- Emilia Romagna
- Provinces (All nine provinces of the Region)
- National Committee for the celebrations of the centenary of the Liberty Movement in Italy

Accreditations (logos allowed):
- 150 th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy
- 100 Milano Marittima
- Riccione ’90

Press and Information Office:
Websites: www.RomagnaLiberty.it
Social Networking: www.facebook.com / romagnaliberty – www.facebook.com / groups / romagnaliberty
ABCO Cultural Association
Tel + (39) 041 8628 987 Fax + (39) 041 54 60 699
www.beniculturalionline.it – ​​associazione@bbcc.it

Andrea Apothecaries
www.andreaspeziali.it – ​​info@andreaspeziali.it | Mobile (+39) 320 0445798

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